Events 2017

Putting up the Christmas lights

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Again we put the lights up at the Triangle. We thought the tree might have grown too high to get the lights on easily. As it happens we had some tall chaps to come and help so we were all right.

A bit of a stretch And no-one fell off....

Planting bulbs by the car park in Walnut Way

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In Walnut Way a few years ago some delightful crab apple trees had been planted. They have been doing well. So we decided that we would enhance the appearance of the grassy verge by planting some crocuses underneath. We invited people to come and help and we got heaps of help from the guides and scouts. The 79th Scouts, the 9th Tilehurst Guides and various grown-ups came up trumps and planted 2000 crocus bulbs donated by Skipton Building Society in the grass. Many thanks to Skipton Building Society for making this possible. We look forward to watching the crocuses come up in the spring for many years to come

Getting down to it Flags in each sector Taking a bow Our thanks to Nicholas Ashworth of Skipton Building Society

Our stall at the fete in Victoria Rec.

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Surprisingly, we enjoyed a very pleasant day at the fete. We had had rain on and off for some days before the Saturday but it turned out to be a golden, sunny day. We had helpers to put up the stall and we laid out our leaflets and booklets to invite people to come in and find out what we do and to help themselves to our literature. As usual we had a quiz. This year the quiz was called "History on our doorstep". It was an imaginary walk through Tilehurst with questions about Tilehurst's history on the way. Local businesses had supported the quiz by donating wonderful prizes for the best answers.

Pat encouraging people to do the quiz

The local businesses who donated prizes were The Victoria Pub, Tilehurst Village Butchers, The Lemon Plaice, Pets and Plants, The Co-op School Road and The Plough. Many thanks to you all for your generosity.

Also many thanks to Village Properties for doing tons of photocopying for us.

OK you wanted the answers - so here they are. And the judges decision was final!!
The map of the walk
The questions and answers

Rescue weekend

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Again we invited volunteers to come and help clear litter from our local woodlands.

Blundells Copse

You can read a summary report about the event and a full report too. Thanks to all the people who came and helped - especially those who came in the tipping rain!

Planting snowdrops and aconites in Walnut Way

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In the past we have boasted that we always have fine weather for our events! Not so this year our luck - seems to be diminishing!. There were little bits of snow coming down but it wasn't too bad.
Worse than that - the snowdrops and aconites had not arrived! There we were ready to pop them in the ground but they were not to be seen. We wondered what to do. In the meantime we did a bit of litter picking and then we decided to pack up and go home and call it a day. Jenny got home to find that the big box of plants had been delivered but to the wrong house! She sorted it all out and we decided to press ahead and plant them anyway.
We didn't have any helpers this year, but our luck changed when along came Alison and Holly. They saw us planting the bulbs and wanted to join in. Obviously we weren't going to stop them. They were keen and got loads of snowdrops in the ground before they moved on. Thank you for helping.

Alison and Holly Alison and Holly Jenny packing them in Jenny clearing up and ready to go

Well we survived - and lets hope the snowdrops and aconites do too.

If you want to know more about the projects we are involved in contact us.

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