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The lights at the Triangle

We hope you liked the lights that we put up at the Triangle. Thanks to our volunteers who helped put them up.

Our January meeting and Recycling

We talked mostly about recycling. What we talked about has been written up in the minutes which you can see here. You will see from the minutes that in general people are very confused about the best way of reusing and recycling. We thought that we would like to improve the situation if we can.

For starters, John Venning has drawn up a very handy chart of the recycling sites that are in Tilehurst which shows what you can recycle at each one.

In the minutes, it says that people brought in articles about recycling - here are not very good (but just about readable) copies of them for you to read. They do provide food for thought and give tips about what you can do to produce less waste - thus avoiding the problem of recycling!
Reduce Plastic Waste
Week without Plastic

What we would like you to do is send us (tilehurstglobe@hotmail.com) your ideas about how to reduce waste and how to recycle more efficiently. Yes, we really would like you to send in your views. And if you read the minutes you will see that we are having another talk about recycling at our February meeting. Perhaps you would like to come.

Reading Local Plan

You still have time to send in any comments you wish to make about the latest version of the Local Plan.

This is a new consultation which will allow you to have your say.

Click here to find out all about the plan. It has links to Reading Borough Council Planning website where you can read the plan and other relevant information. You can see the areas designated for development, housing, etc. It also has details of the public drop-in sessions which you can attend. It has details of how and where you can send your comments.
click here
for additional information about how to have your say and gives guidance about making any comments you have about the plan and it includes a form to make it easy for you to submit your comments.

Note that the closing date for the consultation is Friday 26th January 2018.So make sure your comments are submitted in time.

Adopt Your Street

Reading Council has launched its Adopt Your Street initiative. Tilehurst Globe has already registered with the scheme. We have for some years run a similar scheme in which volunteers signed up to tidy up an area of their choosing - we used to call these our litter teams. These volunteers arel now working with the Adopt Your Street scheme. This is a wonderful chance for you to join up too. Think somewhere is too messy? Just do something about it. You can do as much or as little as you want - you will be helping to make Tilehurst a nicer place to live in.

Here is a copy of our poster with more information.

And here is even more information about the scheme. If you think you would like to adopt a street or area. Click for more information and your registration form.

When you have sent in your registration form, we will be in touch about what to do next.

Another Daffodil Story

In 2011 a bunch of volunteers planted loads of bulbs outside what was then Upcroft School. The school is now called Meadowpark Academy. Every year at this time of the year, the daffodils have burst through giving a blaze of light at the entrance into Tilehurst. On the other side of the road some trees were planted and with them some more daffodils. In Tilehurst Globe, we like to say that we make a difference but it seems that although we do make a difference, it is not enough for everyone.

A man was walking his dog up Norcot Road the other day, and he saw to his astonishment, that a boy was cutting down the daffodils. He had managed to cut down almost half of them. And they were left on the ground.

No-one was taking any notice of the little miscreant. However, the man with his dog saw that the boy was from Meadowpark School and rightly reported him to the school authorities.

Then, on the other side of the road, where the trees and daffodils have been planted, there appeared lots of bike tracks in the grass. Inevitably, a bunch of daffodils where trashed too.

If you read the reports about our efforts over the Rescue Weekend (see the link below), you would expect that people would be pleased with the clean and tidy McIlroys Park and Blundells Copse where we put most of our effort. It was therefore rather upsetting to find on the Monday after Rescue at the entrance into Blundells Copse that a builder had piled some waste material at the entrance into the copse.

Well whoever it was who did this, shame on you,

Rescue 2017

Volunteers turned up to clear litter in various areas of Tilehurst event over the weekend of 11th and 12th of March. We have been clearing up mucky spots in Tilehurst for some years - we would like to think we make a difference. See what we did in the events section.

Our 2018 Newsletter

Click here to read our newsletter

The 2016 Tilehurst Globe Litter Quiz

We have moved the answers to the quiz to our events page. Click here to see.

Where it started

GLOBE stands for Go Local on a Better Environment.

Globe groups were set up across Reading in 1994 as part of Reading Borough Council's response to the Rio summit, where world leaders met to discuss global environment issues.

The Tilehurst Globe group takes action on a wide range of local environmental issues. These include the cleanliness and safety of Tilehurst's streets and open spaces and support for allotment holders.

One such project is a guide to exploring Tilehurst's woodlands and parks. The web site for this guide is www.walkontheweb.org.uk.

We have also been working on a project to collect local people's memories and recollections of Tilehurst when they were growing up. We have produced a small booklet called Memories of Tilehurst and we have also put together a website www.tilehurstmemories.org.uk.

Reading Borough Council announced that as from April 2007 they would no longer provide the same level of support and partnership for the Reading Globe groups. They have given us a small grant, and we now continue as an independent group. We are are proud of our achievements and are committed to continuing to work with the people of Tilehurst to provide a forum for their views and undertake projects for the benefit of everyone.

We value your views

We continue to 'work to develop a community vision for Tilehurst', and to 'go local on a better environment'. We want to communicate with as many local residents and businesses as possible. So if you want to information about what we do, please take a little time to fill in the questionnaire to help us plan our future.

Our sponsors

We have received fantastic support from local businesses. Many have become sponsors (see panel on left) and have pledged to help us. We are immensely grateful to them. If you are a local business and wish to help us, don't hold back!

Click here for contact details and click here for details of our meetings.