About Recycling

John Venning has updated his chart of the recycling sites that are in Tilehurst which shows what you can recycle at each one. He has also now added information about what you can take to the local charity shops.

Linda sent in some useful information including this really handy link to tell you what you can put in the collection bins that you see, typically, in supermarkets. Especially read the bit headed "What plastic film can I recycle". Go down the page a bit and when you get there click on Continue reading ...

At our February meeting but this time Oliver Burt from re3 came to tell us about the new plan for recycling in Reading and he kindly answered lots of questions. Rather than write about it all again read about it in the minutes which you can see here.

re3 also has an excellent website which gives lots of additional helpful information.

The articles here were brought in for the January meeting. We will leave them here for a bit! They do provide food for thought and give tips about what you can do to produce less waste - thus avoiding the problem of recycling!
Reduce Plastic Waste
Week without Plastic